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Individual American Society for Engineering Education

About Individual Membership

Individual Membership

ASEE connects you to a world of research and a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Our professional development opportunities, publications, and conferences provide you access to the best practices and latest trends in engineering education and teaching methods. You can also stay up to date with fellowship opportunities or government and industry research programs, share scholarly research in peer-reviewed conference proceedings or read about emerging trends or the latest engineering technologies in our award-winning publication, Prism Magazine. ASEE is the only engineering education society solely dedicated to the professional needs of engineering educators.

Membership Type Annual Dues
Professional USA: $100
Canada\Mexico: $100
International: $114
Professional Online $89
P-12 Educator $50
Student $30
Student Online $10
Retired $40
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Membership Benefits
  • A subscription to ASEE's Prism Magazine - An award-winning monthly magazine for faculty members, students, administrators, and government and industry representatives in all disciplines of engineering and engineering technology. Features include timely articles, letters to the editor, industry and federal agency highlights, profiles of educators and innovative programs, ASEE news, and a professional opportunities section.
  • All members receive membership in one (1) of ASEE's geographic sections at no additional cost. Section activities and meetings allow individuals to participate in professional activities at the local level and offer a chance for members to form regional networks of colleagues with common interests and goals.
  • All members are eligible to join any of ASEE's special interest divisions and constituent committees. These special interest groups provide members with professional development and networking opportunities within their technical specialty or particular academic interest or issue.
  • All members may subscribe at a nominal cost to the quarterly Journal of Engineering Education. The publication is a scholarly journal of peer-reviewed papers and book reviews that highlight topics in engineering education, and/or to ASEE's Profiles of Engineering & Engineering Technology Colleges, the annual showcase of U.S. and Canadian engineering colleges and universities that provides a comprehensive profile of the institutions, their students, and their engineering and technology programs.
  • Substantial savings when you attend the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition and other ASEE events and meetings. Note: Student and Student Online members receive FREE registration for the ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition.
  • Access to Members-Only areas of the ASEE web site... search the electronic membership directory… review classified ads announcing faculty, department head, and dean position openings and fellowship opportunities… read the Journal of Engineering Education online and search its archives for papers by subject, author, and other criteria… find two years of Prism back issues… click through to money-saving personal benefit opportunities… and more.
  • Members will have unique opportunities to make valuable contacts with other engineering educators and to make contributions to the field by participating in ASEE Volunteer Leadership activities.
  • Members get unique acccess to the ASEE HUB. This collaboration site will help you interact with other ASEE members and access important member-only information. At this early stage, the Hub will primarily provide communication between members within various groups to which you belong: committees, commissions, sections, divisions, zones, PICs, the Board, and more. The Hub has many advantages over existing listservs, including two-way group communication, direct messaging between members, storage for group files and links, and even group events.
Membership Descriptions

Persons occupying or having occupied responsible positions in engineering instruction, research, or practice, and other persons having a demonstrated professional interest in engineering education. They may come from within or without the academic environment. Dues: $100/year, US; $100/year, Canada/Mexico; $114/year, International.

Professional Online

The same attributes and benefits as Professional Members but receiving all benefits online. Members receive PRISM electronically. Dues: $89/year.

P-12 Educator

Teachers and administrators in P-12 schools or school systems which have a special interest in science, engineering, technology, and math education. P-12 Educators will receive membership in ASEE's Pre-College Engineering Education Division. Dues: $50/year.


A student enrolled or interested in engineering, technology, or engineering/technology education at the graduate level. Dues: $30/year.

Student Online

The same attributes as Student Members but receiving all benefits online. Members receive Prism Magazine electronically. Dues: $10/year.


Professional or Professional Online Members who have been members for a minimum of five years who have retired from full-time employment. Documentation of emeritus status required. Dues: $40/year.


Persons at member institutions, designated by the institution's Key Contact, to receive free individual membership through, and concurrent with, the institution's membership. Individuals may not join ASEE as Contact/Representative members.

P-12 Contact/Representative

Persons at member P-12 institutions, designated by the institution's Key Contact, to receive free individual membership through, and concurrent with, the P-12 institution's membership. Individuals may not join ASEE as P-12 Contact members.

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Special Membership Programs
Life Membership

ASEE has established the honorary membership category of Life Member to recognize those individuals who have been active ASEE members for many years. To qualify for Life Membership, a Professional or Professional Member's age in years plus years of consecutive ASEE membership must total 100 or more (for example, at age 65 with 35 years of continuous membership). Life Members pay no national membership dues.

Members have full access to members-only areas of the website and enjoy a significantly reduced, nominal registration rate for the Annual conference.

There is a $25 service fee for Life Members who wish to continue to receive mailed issues of Prism Magazine. There is no fee to receive Prism Magazine electronically. Life Members do pay annual dues for any extra publications and/or division affiliations that they may elect to retain.

Applications for Life Member status must be approved by a majority vote of the ASEE Board of Directors or the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors before Life Member status takes effect.

Permanent Membership

ASEE has established the Permanent Member class of individual membership to enable Professional Members to sign up in advance for a Life Membership by paying in advance for the number of years of ASEE membership required to meet the standard for Life Member status. The ASEE Member Services department will determine the number of years needed upon application or inquiry. Permanent Members will be treated in all respects as Professional Members except that are exempt from ASEE membership dues for life. Permanent Members continue to pay annual fees for any optional publications and/or division affiliations that they may elect to retain. Permanent Members are converted to Life Member status, with the special privileges of that group, automatically in the month in which they attain the minimum qualifications for Life Member status.

Dean's Program

Faculty who have not previously been members of ASEE (except as Student or Student Online Members) may receive free Professional or Professional Online membership for two full years through the Dean's Program.

Here's how it works:

The Dean pays the first year's membership dues and ASEE pays for the second year. The new member pays any division affiliation fees, depending on division choices, and any fees for additional publications.

ASEE appreciates the support of the schools and deans who have participated in the Dean's Program by submitting membership applications for faculty members. The Society thanks these schools and individuals for their help in increasing membership and participation in ASEE.

The deans at the following schools have sponsored first-time ASEE members as part of the Dean's Program. Please contact your dean or Campus Representative for more information. 

Dean's Program applications are available from the ASEE Campus Representative at your institution. For further information regarding the program, please contact ASEE's Membership Department.

Administrator's Program

This program works exactly like the Dean's Program, but the first time member is sponsored by an administrator other than the dean.

Administrator's Program applications are available from the ASEE Campus Representative at your institution. For further information regarding the program, please contact ASEE's Membership Department.

Download the Application Form

Individual Membership Application Form

For more information regarding any of these programs, please send an e-mail to Membership or call the Membership Department at 202-331-3519.