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Engineering Technology Council

Engineering Technology Council

The Engineering Technology Council comprises a representative from each of the technical college members of the Society, as well as a representative from interested affiliated college members.

ETC Bylaws
ETC Mission

The Engineering Technology Council of ASEE is committed to promoting quality engineering technology education.

ETC Goals
  • Promulgate “The degree is engineering technology, the career is engineering”™.
  • Promote quality engineering technology education, through scholarship, innovation, and industry engagement.
  • Convene engineering technology leaders, such as through ETLI.
  • Develop position statements and policies to bring attention to national issues.


Carol M. Lamb
Youngstown State University
School of Engineering Technology
One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44455-0001

Phone:(330) 941-4625


Updated ETC Position Statements
  • ASEE ETC Position Statement re. BS-ET Access to Professional Licensure: Click to download PDF.
  • ASEE ETC Position Statement re. Modification of GS-0800 Engineering Qualification Standard Maintained by the U.S. OPM Click to download PDF.
ASEE Engineering Technology Council List

The degree is Engineering Technology, the career is engineering.

ASEEETC is an electronic bulletin board for the Engineering Technology Council. Subscription to ASEEETC is available to ETC Representatives of member schools. For more information, contact Ashok Agrawal, here.