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Theo C. Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award American Society for Engineering Education

The Biomedical Engineering Division (BED) of ASEE annually awards the Theo Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award. This award is conferred by the division for significant contributions to biomedical engineering education as evidenced by the development of successful undergraduate or graduate level programs, curricula, publications as well as by membership and activities in ASEE/BED and other biomedical engineering organizations. The award consists of a commemorative plaque and a check for $350.00.

Nomination packages are due before February 15 to the BED Awards Chair.

1. COVER PAGE (PDF: 9kb)

2. CITATION - A brief statement not to exceed 100 words giving the major accomplishments for which the award is being made. This will be used if the nominee is selected as the awardee.

3. BASIS FOR NOMINATION - A statement not to exceed 750 words on why the candidate is being nominated for the award.

4. CURRICULUM VITAE - Degrees earned (university and granting dates); other postgraduate study; record of positions held (starting with most recent and working back, outlining duties for each); ASEE activities and offices; other society memberships and offices; awards, honors and inventions.


A. List of all books written
B. Give total number of research papers and education papers published.
C. Select 10 recent monographs, major articles on engineering education or research papers published. List the title, journal or publisher and the usual pagination.


A. As an Educator - Evidence of superior teaching, contributions to improvements in engineering education, high intellectual achievements, effective counseling of students, recognition by colleagues and students, productive collaborations with industry, government or other disciplines, etc.

B. As a Researcher - Evidence of outstanding research ability, recognition for contributions to the advances of knowledge, introduction of new and improved laboratory techniques and instrumentation, authorship of influential papers, reports and books, acceptance of research results by colleagues in industry, etc.

C. As an Administrator - Evidence of outstanding contributions to education administration, in addition to achievement in teaching and through publications.

7. SUPPORTING LETTERS - No more than four brief supporting letters from colleagues and former students should be included with all nominations. Do not attach exhibits, samples, etc. Voluminous materials are not useful in selecting awardees.

IMPORTANT: To receive this Society award, upon notification of selection, the awardee must agree to attend the award ceremony at the ASEE Annual Conference. Otherwise, the award will be given to the next highest ranked candidate who agrees to attend.

Membership in the American Society for Engineering Education is a requirement for eligibility for this award.

Any member of the Society may nominate candidates for this award. However, current members of award selection committees are excluded as nominators and/or as candidates for any award under the purview of their respective committees.