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Division Best Paper Guidelines American Society for Engineering Education

  • Purpose:
    To recognize outstanding contributions in the field of engineering education with a particular focus specified by the division or council. The awarding of recognition for outstanding papers has the potential to provide a better overall quality in papers and to strengthen the peer review process.
  • Process:
    Must be peer reviewed with the recommendation for consideration as an outstanding or “best paper” coming from a reviewer or review coordinator involved in the normal division review process. Self-recommendations or nominations are not appropriate or permitted.
  • Qualifications and Eligibility:
    A set of qualifications for nomination as a best paper must be included in the proposal to establish an award. Any restrictions regarding those eligible for the award must also be included.
  • Selection:
    A selection process is required that will ensure that the selection is impartial. Candidates for the award may not be involved in the selection process.
  • Approval Procedure:
    All Division Outstanding Paper Awards must be approved by the ASEE Board of Directors. Any division wishing to implement an outstanding paper award shall prepare a proposal detailing the selection process and proposed award. The venue for presenting the award should be included in the proposal. If there is a monetary component to the award, the annual source for funding must also be included. The proposal shall be submitted through the appropriate PIC or Zone Chair for presentation to the Board of Directors.