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Major Activities American Society for Engineering Education

We are the only national convener of important influencers, such as:

  • Engineering deans, at the annual Engineering Deans Institute and the Engineering Deans meeting and at the Washington, DC-held Engineering Deans Public Policy Colloquium
  • Engineering technology deans, at the annual Engineering Technology Leaders Institute
  • Associate deans for research, at the annual Engineering Research Council meeting
  • Corporate leaders interested in E&ET education, through our Corporate Member Council
  • The entire community is welcomed to our annual conference, where nearly 4000 educators, exhibitors, presenters, and more gather and collaborate.

In addition, we convene regional conferences, giving our members opportunity to collaborate and meet with local peers. We also host an international forum for engineering professionals from academia and industry worldwide who are engaged in novel engineering education initiatives.

We promote excellence in instruction, research, public service, and practice

  • We publish the country’s premier research-based, peer reviewed journals on E&ET education, the Journal of Engineering Education and Advances in Engineering Education.
  • We publish research papers on E&ET education, through our annual conference.

We foster the technological education of society

  • We are the creator and publisher of Engineering, Go For It, aimed at inspiring middle-schoolers to consider engineering. This effort includes a magazine, website, social media presence, newsletters, and teaching tips.
  • We publish daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters, reporting events and information from engineering and engineering education.
  • We publish Prism, the only national magazine focused on E&ET education across all disciplines, featuring excellent writing and reporting and eye-catching design.

We are a data analyzer and reporter

  • Our Profiles of Engineering and Engineering Technology Colleges book is the go-to source for media and researchers. We produce a variety of products, from one-page infographics to full reports.
  • We collect institutional level data, informing reports on recruitment, retention, faculty salaries, and more.
  • We monitor legislation, apply our voice when needed, and keep members abreast of policy that impacts them.
  • We communicate regularly with the community about information, news, and events that impact their lives.

We manage national projects and events for the federal government and others

  • We oversee numerous fellowships and internships. Since the 1960s ASEE has been a trusted partner for such programs, and our portfolio is approximately $80 million annually.
  • We run meetings, workshops, and other events for sponsors such as the National Science Foundation.