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Reports American Society for Engineering Education

For decades, ASEE has been a leader in producing high-impact reports.

Increasing Participation of Minority-Serving Institutions in NSF CISE Core Programs: A Meeting Report (2020)

Strategic Investments Summit: A Meeting Summary (2020)

Cultivating Diversity Champions: Practices and Lessons from Two NSF Geoscience Opportunities for Leadership In Diversity (GOLD) Projects  (2020)

Engineering Research Framework Visioning Summit (ERFVS): Workshop Summary  (2019)

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering Phase IV: Views of Faculty and Professional Societies  (2018)

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering Phase III: Voices on Women’s Participation and Retention  (2017)

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering Phase II: Insights from Tomorrow’s Engineers  (2017)

Maker Summit Report (2016)

Surmounting the Barriers: Ethnic Diversity in Engineering Education (2014)

Transforming Undergraduate Education in Engineering Phase I: Synthesizing and Integrating Industry Perspectives (2014)

Transitioning Veterans to Engineering Related Careers (2013)

Going the Distance: Best Practices and Strategies for Retaining Engineering, Engineering Technology and Computing Students (2012)

Innovation With Impact - Full Report (2012)

Creating a Culture for Scholarly and Systematic Innovation in Engineering Education   (2009)

NSF Update - Investing in the Ideal University
The National Science Foundation plans to fund more projects that emphasize two areas it believes encourage academic reform: the integration of research and education, and interdisciplinary research.  (1997)

Assessment White Paper
A Framework for the Assessment of Engineering Education (1996)

Green Report Preface

Green Report
Engineering Education for a Changing World (1994)

Foundational Historic Reports
Goals of Engineering Education

Grinter Report
Summary of the Report on Evaluation of Engineering Education (1955)

Engineering Education After the War. Emphasized liberal arts and graduate work and helped shape the nation's postwar engineering curricula. (1944)

The Hammond Report. Considered sequences of science-tech and humanities courses, stressing the need for more scientific fundamentals in engineering training. (1940)

The Wickenden Study. Examined humanities, accreditation, and curriculum and inspired SPEE-sponsored faculty summer schools. (1923)

The Wickenden Study - Executive Summary. (1923)

The Mann Report. The first evaluation of U.S. engineering education, focusing on common curricula and values. (1918)