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Mailing Labels/List Rentals American Society for Engineering Education


  • List rental is for one-time use only and the list renter does not acquire ownership of the information printed on the labels; all information remains the property of ASEE.
  • The list renter shall not preserve, capture, store, or retain the information contained on the mailing labels or allow any director, officer, employee, contractor, agent, partner, or affiliate to do so.
  • All orders, from members of ASEE and non-members alike, must include an explicit statement of how the labels will be used and an acknowledgement that the list renter has read ASEE's list rental policies and agrees to abide by them. List orders will not be accepted until these conditions are met.
  • Orders from non-members must be accompanied by a sample mailing piece for ASEE review and approval. ASEE may reject any mailing it deems unsuitable for its membership.
  • Lists are provided on self-adhesive Avery labels, sorted by zip code or alphabetically on last name or institution name. It is ASEE's understanding that the labels will be used to make the mailing specified when the labels were ordered. Any other use may constitute misappropriation of ASEE's intellectual property.
  • Lists CAN be provided in electronic format, but special rules and restrictions apply to such orders, including:
    • Electronic-format orders MUST be placed through our list manager, Tony Murray Associates (Mr. James Carson; 703-547-4954;
    • Electronic-format lists will only be sent to the renter's mailhouse or data shop or agent, not to the renter.
    • There are no member discounts on electronic-format orders.
  • ASEE does not provide e-mail addresses or phone or fax numbers.
  • Guaranteed turnaround time on label orders is 5 working days.
  • Labels will be shipped by first-class mail unless special handling is requested.
  • ASEE reserves the right to request payment in advance by check or credit card.
  • List orders may be submitted by phone, fax, e-mail, or mail to the addresses hereon.
  • For special selections and sorts, contact the membership department.


  • Omit or select by country @ no additional charge
  • ASEE Division or Section; Academic Rank; Departments @ no charge to member organizations; @ $50 flat to non-members
  • Keycode labels @ no charge
  • Nth name cross-section @ $50/flat
  • Zip code selection @ $50/flat
  • A Full List includes, but is not limited to: academics, non-academics, retirees, graduate students. K12 educators, non-profit administrators, individuals residing outside of the U.S., corporate executives, faculty, staff, administrators. Removal of any segment will incur any applicable Academic Rank, Department/Discipline, or ZIP code segment charges (see above).



ASEE Membership List .15/name .20/name
Full List $1200 flat $1600 flat
Deans of Engineering .60/name .80/name
Deans of Engineering Technology .60/name .80/name
All Deans .60/name .80/name
Presidents/Provosts/Chancellors .60/name .80/name
Associate Deans .40/name .50/name
Department Heads .40/name .60/name
Setup (all orders) $50 $50
Overnight Shipping Overnight rates are based on weight and start at $25.00 Overnight rates are based on weight and start at $25.00
Expedited orders (shipped within 3 business days; excl. shipping charges) $30 $30
MINIMUM ORDER: n/a $400(excl. shipping)



Professor 4,282
Associate Professor 2,090
Assistant Professor 1,792
Instructor 225
Student 589


US Deans of Engineering 390
US Deans of Engineering Technology 169
US Deans of Eng. and Eng. Tech (duplicates removed) 515
US Presidents/Provosts/Chancellors 100
US Associate Deans 344
US Chairpersons 1,936
US Chairpersons: ASEE Members 789



Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Management
Engineering Science/Physics
Environmental Engineering
General Engineering
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Mining Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Other Engineering Disciplines
Petroleum Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Technology
Architectural Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology
Construction Engineering Technology
Electrical/Computer Eng. Technology
General Engineering Technology
Industrial/Manufacturing Eng. Tech.
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Other Technology Disciplines


Aerospace 375
Architectural 248
Biological & Agricultural 134
Biomedical 532
Chemical Engineering 550
Civil Engineering 586
College Industry Partnerships   777
Community Engagement in Engineering Education 470
Computers in Education 507
Computing & Information Technology 767
Construction 146
Continuing Professional Development 182
Cooperative & Experiential Education 183
Design in Engineering Education 817
Division Experimentation & Lab-Oriented Studies 429
Educational Research and Methods 1,294
Electrical and Computer                            876
Energy Conversion and Conservation 1,144
Engineering and Public Policy 208
Engineering Design Graphics 182
Engineering Economy 129
Engineering Ethics 1,088
Engineering Leadership Development Constituent Committee 245
Engineering Libraries 215
Engineering Management 264
Engineering Physics & Physics 220
Engineering Technology 548
Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation 351
Environmental Engineering 335
First-Year Programs 501
Graduate Studies 301
Industrial 263
Instrumentation 171
International 251
K-12 & Pre-College Engineering 735
Liberal Education/Engineering & Society 271
Manufacturing 273
Materials 801
Mathematics 210
Mechanical                                         939
Mechanics 356
Minorities in Engineering 473
Multidisciplinary Engineering 1,095
New Engineering Educators 264
Nuclear and Radiological 110
Ocean and Marine 110
Software Engineering Constituent Committee 84
Student 443
Systems Engineering 244
Technological Literacy 338
Two Year College Division 414
Women in Engineering 840



Gulf Southwest                 1,029
Illinois Indiana               886
Middle Atlantic                1,329
Midwest                        611
North East                    821
North Central                  1,182
North Midwest                  675
Pacific Northwest              635
Pacific Southwest              1,034
Rocky Mountain                 422
Southeastern                   2,363
St. Lawrence                   549